What’s the first thing that comes to mind when the topic fitness comes up? My guess is it’s the gym, isn’t it? Well, gyms are usually the main fitness centers.

You get access to the best equipment, trainers etc. but not all of us are cut out for it. If you hate the gym too but love to travel then you’re in for a treat. Here’s what you can do to stay fit.

Go Trekking

Looking for a fun yet a quick and effective way to shed those final 2-3 pounds? Then I guess it’s time to pack the rug sack and hit the trails. Trekking is one the best exercise forms for travelers. Even a small 5-6 Km walk on a steep hill should be more effective than an hour on the treadmill.

Trekking will provide you instant results and will cost you less than any gym membership plus you’ll fall in love with nature too.


Say hello to the stairs

Irrespective of whether you’re traveling outstation or locally I am sure there are plenty of moments when you opt for the escalator or the lift and simply skip past the staircase. Well for a fitter tomorrow it’s time to make the switch now.

Next time irrespective of whether it’s the airport, railway station, subway station or your hotel room every time you get the choice make the effort to climb at least 2-3 flights of stairs.

Walk or take a hike

One of the simple, cheapest and effortless yet effective ways to stay fit is walking. Depending on your fitness levels you can easily walk from 15-20 miles in a day.

I know there are more convenient options available such cabs etc. but whether you’re exploring or out to enjoy the scenic beauty walking remains the best way to do so and if you’re a mountain lover then a hike is simply a must.


Eat right when on the go

Apart from following all the various exercise forms, I have mentioned above you’ll also need to keep an eye on your daily calorie intake.

Fitness isn’t just about exercise; it’s, in fact, a combination of both a good diet and regular workouts but on our travels, we often forget about diet and grab onto any comfort food available such pizzas, burgers etc. Get in touch with the locals and try the local cuisines or else stick to fruits, oats etc.

Escape to the mountains

I know that sounds like a fantastic plan but before you do so make sure you’re ready for it. Mountaineering isn’t your ordinary hike or trek. It’s a skill and you’ll need to learn a lot.

You can find plenty of 25-30 days long short courses that will prep you both mentally as well as physically for your first summit. Here’s an online guide to give you head start with the mountaineering training.

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