5 Foods to get you up and running early morning

Ever had the Monday blues? Haven’t we all at times? But I guess waking up early isn’t just a Monday problem. For some of us it’s a daily problem.

Not being a morning person isn’t something new but if you’ve got a morning job or have a run you must go on then it can often be a hindrance but believe it or not there foods that can help you get up and get moving at the earliest. Here’s what you need.


Well it’s a known fact eggs are protein rich and protein isn’t just for those looking to build up or get lean. It is an important nutrient and in the right amounts can keep your body fueled up longer.

Eggs are also rich in healthy fats which are a good source of energy for the body so whether you like it scrambled, half cooked or boiled make sure you eggs remain a staple breakfast. Keep it healthy, keep it egg-tastic.


Greek Yogurt

Your plain yogurt simply won’t cut it anymore. You need a high energy food and Greek Yogurt is exactly that. Often billed as one of the super foods a bowl of this will help you nail the upcoming exam, board meeting or race due to the presence of healthy bacteria and protein.

Apart from that it is one of the few foods that also aides fat burning because digesting it requires more energy.


Another traditional breakfast favorite amongst fitness freaks is oats and for a good reason but since oats are carb rich it’s important you do not overeat. Carbs in higher amounts bog you down whereas when taken correctly can keep you energized.

Most of us love grabbing onto muffins, waffles etc. for breakfast but these are a big no. For best results always choose complex carbs such as oats etc. and leave the rest for the lazy weekends.



Looking for a healthy sweetening agent? It’s good old honey to the rescue. Wondering why? This is because honey contains naturals sugars that require energy for faster digestion which in turn keeps the body up and functioning longer.

Believe it or not honey has been proven to be more effective than even coffee since it lasts longer in the body and goes well with pretty much everything. So ditch early morning coffee craving and grab some honey.


Even the first thing you smell in the morning has an impact on your morning cycle. Quite surprising isn’t it? But no I am not recommending you stick your nose into your coffee or tea cup. It’s a grapefruit you need to smell.

Its citrusy odour makes the body proactive and it’s also a rich source of vitamin C so don’t forget to take bite or two once you’re done smelling it.