5 Things I do to run when not in the mood

When you start running it’s all you are going to be thinking about the day in day out. Though it will need a lot of effort and time you’ll be rearing to go all out. It’s only after a month or 2 that things start to change. It tends to get harder, you lose motivation and it starts to seem like a chore but that won’t be the case anymore.


Here are few things I did to end the rut.

Aim higher

Many times the initial enthusiasm and motivation fade due to small goals. Yes taking it moment by moment is good but it’s also important to have a long-term target.  Race by race goals are fruitful initially but bigger goals like wanting to run a half marathon and then a full one will keep you motivated longer.

Celebrate each small achievement but take it only as a stepping stone to newer heights instead of lazing around for the next couple of weeks.

Take a break

Don’t get me wrong in the previous point. I am not suggesting you do not take a break. A break is as important as your running itself and as weird as it may sound at times it’s best you avoid running completely. A break is important to recover both mentally and physically.

Take a couple of weeks off. Stop thinking about your running irrespective of your performance and come back with a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm.

Try a different running style/make a change

One the best things I did during a rut is to try a different running style altogether. The first and foremost thing you can do is hit the trails. You can also switch to a treadmill or try a new route or try a new weight workout to build fitness.

Even something as small as buying new shoes, gear or shuffling your playlist around can be a good motivator. Here are a few gears you can try


Tag along with a friend

One of the things that keep me going on my off days is having a friend to tag along with. This can be a problem if you’re introvert, you probably feel it’s best done alone but trust me it works. So far change kicks out the fears and gives it a shot.

You’ll probably not perform at your peak but it will help you maintain the required fitness levels.

Change your perspective

In the beginning, the motivation and love for running tend to comes naturally as it matters more and thus it’s pretty easy going but what if you hit a rut or if you fail to accomplish a major goal? In case of the same goal losses importance, it’s time for a change.

Start thinking from a different perspective, maybe its weight loss or a half marathon rather than a full. Find something new, be creative and never give up.