5 Bad habits killing your workout plans


The first and foremost sign of any mistake or bad habits in a workout routine is not getting the desired results. Luckily for you, most of these mistakes aren’t too big and won’t require you to switch up your entire routine.

Below are the worst 5 habits every newbie tends to develop over time but should avoid for an effective and efficient workout. Eliminating these habits will help you lose weight faster, tone your muscles better etc.

Not raising the ante

So you walk into the gym see the treadmill and decide to spend the next 1-2 hours of the workout on it at same speed and intensity. Sounds right? Well whether it’s the treadmill or the weight room if you’re not raising the ante regularly you’ll plateau real quick.

The effectiveness of any gym machine or equipment lies in the challenge so make sure you constantly challenge yourself and step up your game every 2-3 weeks.

Focusing more on cardio

Let’s say you do take it up a notch the next big mistake people tend to make is not varying the exercises. Too much cardio or too much strength training isn’t going to get you the desired results. The best workout routines ensure the best of both the worlds. Just a few minutes on a good Concept 2 rowing machine should do the trick.

A combination of both will torch more calories, take your heartbeat up a notch and tone your body better as each workout focuses on separate muscle groups and body aspects.

Wasting time

It’s nice to check out the progress you have made on the rare occasions but I am sure we all know that one person who simply cannot help but stare constantly into the mirror isn’t it?. Come to the gym with time constraints and a strategy.

Leave the texting, Instagram posts etc. to the post-workout free time. Make the most of your time at the gym. Stay motivated and keep breaks to a minimum.


Always doing it alone

Being a lone wolf at the gym is great. You’re able to focus better and workout with a clear mind but believe it or not having a workout buddy has its own perks too. Irrespective of how strong you are you’ll always need a spot.

Apart from that it creates a healthy competition and thus you remain motivated and put in the extra effort plus you’ll never have a dull moment.

Hydrating wrongly

While you need to keep your water breaks to a minimum when you do finally take one make sure you fuel up right. Most of us rely on sports drinks for it but trust me you’re making a bad choice. Water is the best source of hydration and the best alternative are supplements.

In case you feel exhausted midway through your workout, get your pre-workout fueling right and always carry snack such a banana etc. in your gym bag.


5 Reasons you’re always tired during workouts

Workouts are fun, well usually are but can seem like chore if you’re running on empty and feel exhausted not even half way through your routine but don’t hit the panic button just yet.

This lack of willpower to push through, poor form and lethargic movements etc. is common especially amongst newbies and the good news for you guys is that the fix isn’t tough.  Here’s what you need to change next time you hit the gym.

Your workout intensity

This is a point you’ll read very often about pretty much on every fitness site and I cannot stress it enough. Varying your workout intensity is simply a must. If you go too easy too often your body will never grow and starting off too high leaves you prone to injuries.

Be realistic when deciding on the weights and intensity and set your goals accordingly. Give your body enough time to strengthen and develop.

Your life’s imbalanced

Your fitness isn’t restricted just to the gym or your diet. Any extra stress or troubles outside of the gym can also make you unfit. In an overburdened daily routine you’ll be less inclined to put in the required amount of effort into your workouts.

Set your schedule right. Make list of the things according to their priority and be willing to turn down any social activities that coincides with your training.


You sleep less

Are you getting your daily dose of 8 hour sleep? My guess is no but when you’re working out sleep becomes a must because that’s the only time your body’s recovery process takes place.

Lack of sleep can result in aching and sore muscles the next morning plus your movements are likely to be slow and lethargic.

Apart from that sleep helps the muscles grow and develop. Letting your body recover well enough will boost performance and multiply gains.

You ignore the weather

If you’re more of an outdoor person and prefer to take your runs or walks outside well then the weather plays a big role in your training. Avoid taking runs during high temperatures. Extreme heat can result in dehydration and poor performance.

As for winters it doesn’t get any easier either. Keep your summer workouts planned for the evening or best early mornings. For winters always carry warms clothes, water bottle etc.


Self-belief and motivation

I know the first couple of weeks will be insanely tough but don’t bog yourself down. Self-criticism is good but overdoing it can result in demotivation.

Workouts will always feel incomplete and lacking. Push yourself to the limits. Do the extra reps and sets. Focus more on the things you have achieved. A change in the mentality will instantly reflect on your physical results.