6 Features I look for in an Adjustable Dumbbell Set

As more and more people have started taking up Dumbbells for their workouts, it has become important to know what makes top rated adjustable dumbbells and what features you need to stay away from.

You might think that buying an adjustable dumbbell is easy but it is actually quite confusing and difficult.

There are various factors and features to look out for before you select one for yourself. Confused about what factors you need to look out for?

We have compiled a list of the features which you need to definitely consider before buying an Adjustable Dumbbell set for yourself:

Different Varieties

The first thing to consider when buying an adjustable dumbbell set is what material do you wish to invest in.

There are several types of dumbbells like rubber dumbbells, plastic dumbbells, metal dumbbells, etc. and you need to decide which one is more suitable and comfortable for you.

You can choose any of these or you can choose a dumbbell set which looks modern and good to you, the choice is ultimately yours.


One of the most important things to consider is the minimum and the maximum weight of your dumbbell sets.

You need to consider the type of workouts and exercises which you need to perform with your dumbbells and then select one which suits your needs and purposes.

If you need a dumbbell set for losing weight, then there is no need to buy a heavy dumbbell set, so make sure you understand your needs before selecting one for yourself.

Attachments and included accessories

Another important factor to keep in mind is whether your dumbbell set comes with additional products or not.

Some dumbbell sets include a manual and a DVD which comes handy in trying out new exercises with your dumbbell and help you in including some variation in your training routine.

Some dumbbell sets also accompany a stand or a rack which makes it easier to switch between the weights and makes it more convenient and useful for you during a workout.

BowFlex Dumbells


Make sure that you choose an Adjustable dumbbell which comes with an at least 1-year warranty as this would ensure that during an accident, you can always get your dumbbell fixed without any additional cost.


You need to look for a dumbbell set which is durable and made of good material as you don’t want a dumbbell which would break unexpectedly when you are working out and would cause you an injury.

So, always go for a good material dumbbell set for yourself, preferably a metal one.


You need to pay extra attention to the dumbbell handles when buying an adjustable dumbbell set for yourself.

The main part of an adjustable dumbbell is to hold it properly and with a strong grip and if the grip material is not good, then your dumbbell would keep slipping from your hand and would not only disrupt your workout but might also cause a serious damage to you.

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