5 Reasons an indoor rower is the ideal fitness machine

So now you have bought your rowing machine and plan to use it regularly for cardio and strength building activities, do you have any idea of how helpful the indoor rowing can be to you?

Indoor rowing has many advantages which much of us aren’t aware of, all we know is that it is a good substitute for other cardio exercises and mimics the simulation of an actual rowing boat.



So here we have compiled a list of perks which indoor rowing can provide you with:

Full Body conditioning

Yes, you read it correctly. Rowing provides you with the perfect opportunity to get your entire body moving and not just your upper body as has been long known.

It requires the work of each muscle in which your leg muscles play a major role really. Each workout includes your calves, lower back, biceps, triceps, pecs, hamstrings, etc., making it an ideal cardio workout if you are looking to tone your whole body with a single exercise.

As you hold the handles, your wrists and arms gain much more power and stamina day by day helping you stay toned and strong.

Easy to Learn

One of the best parts about this equipment is that it is so simple and quick to learn. Anyone from the age of 15 to 90 can do it with remarkable ease and can learn how to row like an expert in just a few minutes.

You just need to work on your posture. Apart from that, it is one of the simplest workouts you could ever learn. Need to do a quick 20-minute workout? Well, say hello to a rower today. Here’s a guide to the right technique.


Calorie burner

Another perk of indoor rowing is that it is a major calorie burner as it allows you to do both cardio and strength endurance workouts which are the best way to get rid of all the extra calories which you are planning to consume.

Since rowing ensures that both your upper and lower body work while maintaining the same pace and heart elevation, it ends up being a really good calorie burner helping you to burn as high as 800 calories in a session. So no need to avoid all those sweets anymore, you can have as many as you want as long as you burn those calories using your indoor rower.

Improve your endurance

Looking for a way to boost your stamina and endurance? Then rowing is the best option for you. Indoor rowing can provide you with many intense workouts which ensure increased stamina and improved strength.

Rowing ensures that you push your body to its limits and maintain your strokes per minute for a length of time making you gradually condition your body to the pressure of the workout. As a result, your endurance level increases and you are able to work longer and harder.

No-pressure Workouts

It ensures a smooth workout session without applying any unnatural pressure on your joints or muscles making it a perfect low-impact activity for your body.

The act of rowing feels natural to your body and doesn’t put any unintended pressure on your muscles so you don’t have to worry about any injuries or pains.

All you have to do it maintain your posture and stroke naturally and you will feel no pressure on your knees or joints and even enjoy the whole process of rowing.